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Karen is passionate about relationships and seeks to be deeply empathic by providing her clients with in depth listening, understanding and acceptance.
She has a public sector background having previously worked as nurse, social worker and senior manager.  Although she continues to be linked and involved with the NHS, she has been an independent practitioner since 1997.   Having her heart in her work with people, the main reason for leaving the public sector was to provide a client-led service rather than experiencing resources often being dictated by organisations which even in 1997 were feeling a financial squeeze.  She greatly honours the privilege to provide a service to clients which is led by their timing and understanding of need. Her length and depth of expereince means she can work with people seeking short and longer term counselling/therapy.   This also means that she welcomes previous clients who are free to return when and if the need arises.
She offers flexible fees based on clients’ ability and personal circumstance.  She wants her service to be accessible to people on low incomes and maintains a number of places. 
Respecting the importance of the relationship with a therapist, her first half hour of the first session is free of charge to provide an opportunity for people to shop around to find the therapist with whom they can work and feel accepted and safe. 
Whilst she has a generic practice, she has developed particular expertise and understanding of acquired brain injury work through her practice as a therapist and as a medico-legal consultant/witness.  She has additional specialist experience of having worked for many years in the areas of HIV and sexuality.  She recognises and respects that many of her clients have had traumatic experiences which amongst other processes lead to loss and grief. 

As well as being a person-centred therapist she has a keen interest in the gestalt approach and does include in her work cognition and behaviour. 
Karen is strongly committed to her own personal and professional growth and maintenance and has her own relationships with mentors, supervisors, friends and colleagues from whom she learns, develops and feels inspired. This includes attendance at workshops, conferences and courses or it might mean having a laugh, walking on the hills and having good times with friends and family!