“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”


Karen has worked as therapist for over 25 years and has studied at masters level. In therapy Karen will work with you to resolve whatever is bothering you. Your work together will support you to resolve and accept aspects of yourself that require your attention, this might be problems in relationships, developmental or incident trauma, stress and anxiety with unknown causes, sexuality worries and all manner of things that can get in your way to a good life. Whatever it is it will not phase Karen and she will stay by your side until you are ready to leave. Karen will honour you and your therapeutic relationship by providing safety, a nonjudgmental attitude, understanding and honesty. You will be welcomed to tell Karen what works and what doesn’t work for you and nothing will be imposed on you and her ideas and thoughts can either be accepted or rejected.

Over the years she has developed work with people affected by injuries, disabilities, birth injuries and head injuries. These people have usually undergone or are going through a medico-legal claim. Karen is therefore experienced in liaising with solicitors and other professionals. She has a medico-legal practice of her own as a Care Expert and is therefore has an understanding of the litigation processes and the demands that this places on people and their families.

For her work in brain injury, Karen has recruited partners who she has trained in brain injury awareness and the medico-legal process and for whom she provides supervision.

Karen works with young and older adults, couples and young people in her generic practice. She has a strong commitment to her clients and has the experience and energy to work with a wide range of difficulties and problems.

Karen’s recent study and attention has been the use of nature in her practice. It is within this context she completed two courses to provide the space for her to explore working outdoors and the use of the natural environment and how this deepened awareness and connection. Karen has located walks in Ringinglow on the edge of Sheffield and the Peak District. Her routes offer woodland, open spaces and views, a stream and open moorland to provide a variety of terrain. These are public footpaths but are not usually busy and there are many opportunities to get off the beaten track and have private spaces. Karen is based in Sheffield on the edge of the Peak District.

Karen Ledger

“I have suffered with depression for over 25 years. During that time I have been prescribed numerous drugs as well as undergoing various therapies with different providers. I have had numerous CBT sessions (17 years worth!), many through the NHS Crisis service, and am a master of recognising, checking and altering my negative thought processes. However this has never changed the way I feel. I have always known that, although I might have times when I felt I could cope, it was only a matter of time before I hit another iceberg and sank again.


Last year I was lucky enough to be referred to Karen. I was extremely sceptical, but after an attempt to take my life I also felt that this was going to be my last chance. If this didn’t work I knew I would not be alive for much longer.


Karen was a breath of fresh air. She listened to me, she made me feel understood, she pushed me when I needed it and backed off when it was too much for me. She was with me through pain I didn’t think I could handle; she knew instinctively when I felt so ugly and worthless I didn’t want her to even look at me; she kept distances that I was comfortable with and offered a relationship which felt so honest, so clean and so real. She made me feel comfortable enough to tell her things about myself I had never told anyone.


And when I did she didn’t recoil in horror – she didn’t judge me – she helped me accept who I am and things I have done. She helped me see the good and to believe that it was part of me! She showed me a ‘me’ I didn’t know was in there, a kind and loving person, a more gentle and less critical one. One that I liked! I know I will have ups and downs, but I believe that because of the help Karen offered I will never again experience the black, gut wrenching pain and fear that were an ever-present part of me. That gives me a hope I have never had.


It is hard to describe my new found freedom and impossible to explain the impact it has had on my life. It is wonderful to be able to feel all consuming love and even more so to give it unconditionally. I feel an inner peace – it sounds trite – but I feel calmer, more gentle, more honest. Without Karen I don’t think I would ever have known the real me, nor would my family, and I am grateful beyond words for the life and love I have now.”

Rates: Karen has a sliding scale based on an individual and organisations ability to pay. Karen works with individuals from diverse backgrounds, corporate, third sector and public organisations and her rates are therefore flexible to offer the upmost accessibility. She seeks to make her service accessible and holds places for people on low incomes.