As an experienced trainer/facilitator, Karen has designed and delivered many programmes on leadership, supervision, coaching, suicide awareness, change, attraction and self development. She recently partnered with Neil Seligman, running a nondirective leadership course for a select group of senior leaders. She has also partnered with Dr Jan Smith and they have a practice;

Karen is asked to be a guest speaker at conferences and events to speak about leadership and coaching and the power of relationships.

Karen has completed a number of consultancy projects with organisations and recently worked with Dr Jan Smith for over a year with a team of staff, case managers and solicitors. She has successfully worked with politicians and leaders to resolve issues and challenges in their organisation. She has coached and facilitated boards to make necessary changes to thrive and survive into the long term. This is always achieved through prioritising the relationships and compassionate leadership to enable difficult and complex conversations to achieve and be the best the people and organisation can be.

Karen is passionate about supporting women to establish their equality and has over the years developed projects for women in leadership and looking and feeling good.

Karen Ledger

“I have pleasure and no hesitation in providing the following for Karen Ledger (KSLConsulting).


Karen Ledger Provided Organisational Development Consultancy In support of a review and restructure of the functions within the Finance Department of Sheffield Health and Social Care Foundation Trust, working with finance managers to evaluate current arrangements, develop a new more effective structure and lead action learning sets to support teams individuals within those teams to deliver their roles.


The Work was over an agreed timescale, and the action learning sets concluded their work within the timescales set.


The restructure of the department took place. Team working relationships were enhanced thus providing a more cohesive and focused qualitative service to the Care Directorates under their responsibility and the Trust as a whole. Additionally, the junior members of the team were enabled to progress and develop their role within the Department as part of the action learning sets.


I have known Karen for many years as a colleague and was fully aware of her quality management and organizational skills, which I was pleased to use both in the restructuring of the Finance Department but more importantly as a personal coach. I have both admired and valued our professional relationship which has enabled me to perform better as the head of department and an Executive Director of the Trust.


Furthermore, as part of the above project, the finance team found working with Karen to be extremely valuable to them, which is one of the reasons why the project went so well.”

– Deputy Chief Executive/Executive Director of Finance